We are a media production company providing commercial outdoor lifestyle photography and videography.

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From weekend excursions to month-long road trips, we capture the energy, enthusiasm, inspiration and natural beauty of a life outside.

The name Yeehaw Donkey is an exclamation. It is an attitude. It is a long-standing joke. It is a story: many years ago, we were on a plane undergoing severe turbulence. Amidst the distress and anxiety, a young boy galloped up and down the aisle, shouting our namesake "YEEHAW DONKEY!" All subsequent sketchy scenarios have garnered the battle cry before diving headlong into the fray. Be ridiculous. Find laughter. In the face of fear be more ridiculous. Laugh more. Ride what you've got whether skateboard, Ferrari, or pack mule. This is your time. This is your ride. You might as well enjoy it.


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